'On location' event prints

Being a fan of photographic prints in general I had been keen to offer 'on location' prints to my clients.

I had done some research and decided on the Mitsubishi CPD70DW printer which seemed to be a popular choice with professional photographers due to its compact size, image quality and reliability.

And yes, it delivers outstanding prints and quickly which is absolutely necessary when I'm printing on location.

Recently I provided a photobooth and on location event printing for a BNI (Business Networking International) event of which I'm a member.

My photobooth setup uses very little space and consists of a black, white or grey patterned backdrop, lighting and a tripod for my camera. Each client had three photos taken which were instantly viewable on a computer screen. They then chose their favourite photo to be printed.

High quality framed prints can really give your event that extra memorable touch that you get with a physical product. It also means that guests can put away their mobile phones and leave the photography up to me.

Mitsubishi CPD70DW printer

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like me to provide on location printing for your event.

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